Our goal is to make NeuroTechNews the go-to source for developing trends in neurotechnology. This includes relevant conference coverage, recently published research, device reviews, diy hacker projects – you name it! As a NeuroTechX initiative, we recognize that there is a fine line between excitement and hype, and we are committed to scientific accuracy above all else.

The Story

Some of you might know / remember Neurogadget. Neurogadget was a beacon for people on the internet who were interested in neurotechnology. In fact, the core team of NeuroTechNews got its start writing and reporting for Neurogadget. However, the focus of Neurogadget has recently shifted away from neurotechnology, so we banded together and decided that it was time for a fresh start. Not only do we hope that NeuroTechNews will help you keep up with the ever changing field of neurotechnology, but we hope that it will inspire people the way Neurogadget inspired us.

Audience and Accessibility

You shouldn’t need an academic background to understand neurotechnology. There’s nothing wrong with being completely new to the field. Our goal is to make the content on  NeuroTechNews accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We understand that long-winded research articles are overwhelming and, quite frankly, boring when you are new to the field. Start with the “News” section and be inspired by all of the amazing things that are happening in the world!

We also want to provide content tailored towards those who do come from an academic background. NeuroTechNews should act as a platform to discuss recent findings in the field, new algorithms, new sensor types. All of this will take place in the “Research” section.


We understand the responsibility inherent in being a trusted source of news, and we are taking this responsibility very seriously. We expect our team to produce content that is accurate, understandable, and well sourced. This is as true for the News section as it is for the Research section.

We encourage you to help keep us honest. The best way to do this is by commenting on our posts. We need to know what you’re getting out of articles in order for us to improve the clarity of our writing. We need to you to point out mistakes so that we can avoid spreading misinformation.

Authors & Contributors

NeuroTech News shares the core value of NeuroTechX, which is to empower neurotechnology enthusiasts. To this end, we will publish articles written by any community member provided that the content is original, relevant, and accurate. This can be difficult for people who are new to the field or new to writing articles, so don’t be shy! Our editors will work with you. The more you practice, the easier it gets.


Melanie & Yannick would like to acknowledge Teo, the founder of Neurogadget, for being a leader in the neurotechnology news space beginning back in 2010. Thank you for your dedication to inspiring the next generation of neuro-engineers. Neither of us would be where we are today without you.