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NeuroTech News is a NeuroTechX initiative that covers everything you need to know in the field of neurotechnology! From conference coverage, to research news, to new consumer devices, to hacker projects, you can read about it here. Feel free to skip straight to what interests you most!

The only thing you need to enjoy this site is an interest in brains and technology.

Being a NeuroTechX initiative, the accuracy of the website content is our number 1 priority. Whether its a scientific breakthrough or a cool hack with little to no scientific significance, we will be honest. However, we believe that inspiration is important to help drive the field forward, and that cool hacks are a great source of inspiration (even if they are not scientifically significant). In fact, without some buzz about brain controlled helicopters and ‘mind controlled’ robots, several members of the core team would never have found their way to the field of brain computer interface technologies.

We promise to avoid sensationalist claims while still letting our enthusiasm and excitement shine through.

In keeping with the core values of NeuroTechX, NeuroTechNews seeks to empower neurotechnology enthusiasts like you by providing a platform for you to share your enthusiasm and knowledge. To this end, we welcome content from the community provided that it adheres to our standard of accuracy.

We can’t wait to hear what you are working on, what you are reading, or what inspires you.

Melanie & Yannick would like to acknowledge Teo, the founder of Neurogadget, for being a leader in the neurotechnology news space beginning back in 2010. Thank you for your dedication to inspiring the next generation of neuro-engineers. Neither of us would be where we are today without you. 


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